HINMICO Final review meeting

The HINMICO project is near to end. The final Review Meeting was held in the European Comission (Covent Garden Building) at September 19th 2016, with the  special atendant of the Poject Officer German Esteban -Muniz.



HINMICO special session at 4M conference 2016

The conference was held on 13--15th of Septamber 2016 at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU),Lingby


HINMICO special session at 4M/IWMF conference 2016

The main conference programme takes place from 13th - 15th September 2016 at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby.

HINMICO in the Polymer replication on Nanoscale International Conference


May 2016

Publication: High throughput polymer micro-replication quality assurance using 3D optical high-speed metrology

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More than 40 representatives of 20 European Projects in the micro nanomanufacturing field met in Grenoble on September 9th-11th  in a Workshop organized by 4M2020 project.

Projects were assigned to the four cluster identified:  Production and manufacturing,

Environment and safety /consumer goods, Health and ICT / Optics and photonics.


Most of the time was devoted to collect common research interests in order to establish a micro and nano technology roadmap complementary to already elaborated by Nanofutures and Manufuture.  The final aim is to provide to the Commission a specific vision from the multi material micro nano manufacturing community where HINMICO partners are very active.

The final report with the collection topics of interest will be available by the end of the year.